Survival Essentials: Crafting a Coconut Flask in Stranded Deep Game

Crafting a Coconut Flask: Your Ultimate Survival Essential in Stranded Deep Game

The article provides a guide on how to craft a coconut flask in the survival game Stranded Deep. It includes steps such as gathering coconuts, cracking them open, collecting coconut meat and fibers, crafting the flask, using it to collect water, and caring for it. The article also mentions alternative water containers available in the game.


Survival games have become increasingly popular, and Stranded Deep is one of the most popular ones. The game is set on a deserted island, where the player is stranded and has to find ways to survive. One of the essential items needed for survival is a water container. In this article, we will discuss how to craft a coconut flask in Stranded Deep game.

Gathering Coconuts

The first step to crafting a coconut flask is to gather coconuts. Coconuts are scattered around the island and can be found on palm trees. To gather coconuts, you need to hit them with a tool like a rock or an axe. Once the coconut falls, pick it up and keep it in your inventory.

Cracking the Coconut

After you have gathered coconuts, the next step is to crack them open. To crack open a coconut, you will need a sharp tool like an axe or a machete. Use the sharp tool to strike the coconut at its soft spot, which is the eye of the coconut. Keep hitting it until it cracks open.

Collecting Coconut Meat and Fibers

After cracking the coconut open, collect the coconut meat and fibers. The meat can be eaten as food, while the fibers will be used to make the flask. To collect the fibers, use a sharp tool to scrape them off the inner shell of the coconut.

Crafting the Coconut Flask

To craft the coconut flask, you will need to combine the coconut fibers and sticks. Sticks can be gathered from the island’s trees by hitting them with a tool. Once you have gathered enough sticks and fibers, open your crafting menu, and select the coconut flask recipe. The recipe will require two sticks and two coconut fibers.

Using the Coconut Flask

After crafting the coconut flask, the next step is to use it. To use the flask, hold it in your hands and approach a water source like a stream or an ocean. Press the action button to fill the flask with water. The coconut flask will hold one unit of water, which can be consumed to quench your thirst.

Caring for the Coconut Flask

The coconut flask is a fragile item, and it can break if not taken care of properly. Avoid dropping it or hitting it with a tool as it will damage the flask. If the flask breaks, you will need to craft a new one.

Alternative Water Containers

If you are unable to find coconuts or don’t want to craft a coconut flask, there are other water containers available in the game. These containers include the crude pot, leather waterskin, and clay flask. Each container has its recipe and requirements.


A coconut flask is an essential item for survival in Stranded Deep game. It is easy to craft and provides a reliable source of water that can be consumed to quench your thirst. However, it is essential to take care of the flask to avoid damaging it and rendering it useless. In case you are unable to craft a coconut flask, there are other water containers available in the game that can serve the same purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do you make a coconut flask on a raft?

Creating a coconut flask is a simple process that only requires a single coconut and one lashing, which can be combined to make the finished product.

How do you make a water bottle in Stranded Deep?

By having the required materials next to a Furnace, a Water Bottle can be crafted in Stranded Deep. The crafting process does not require direct interaction with the station, simply stand nearby and access the crafting menu, where the Water Bottle can be found under the Consumables category. This was last recorded on May 29, 2021.

How many coconuts can you drink before getting sick Stranded Deep?

It is best to consume the liquid inside a coconut before breaking it open, as it can be wasted otherwise. However, consuming more than two coconuts in a row can lead to diarrhea.

What do you do with the coconut flask in Stranded Deep?

The Coconut Flask is an item in Stranded Deep that can be used for crafting medical items and the Water Still. When the Water Still produces water, it can be collected using the Coconut Flask, which can also be used for drinking or watering Farm Plots.

Why can’t I craft a coconut flask in Stranded Deep?

In the game Stranded Deep, players can create a Coconut Flask by gathering a Coconut and crafting some Lashing. Coconuts can be found growing on Palm Trees or may fall to the ground on their own. To obtain Coconuts, players can also use tools like a Refined Knife or Stone Tool to chop down Palm Trees. This process is applicable as of January 4th, 2023.

How do you make coconut water in Stranded Deep?

In the game Stranded Deep, coconuts can be obtained by picking them off trees or climbing to reach them. When hacked with a tool, the coconut becomes a “drinking coconut” that can restore a player’s thirst by one bar. This feature was introduced in November 2022.

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